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Food Pantry

We are consistently providing food for our local community to those in need by offering a routine food pantry and periodic food trucks.

Poetry Jam

Some of the most talented individuals in our community have graced us with their poetic offerings during our poetry jam nights. 

Film Festival

In 2022, we will be launching our first ever Film Festival. More details coming soon.

Clothing Drive

Thanks to the support from members in the community, we are able to provide clothing to many of our neighbors. 

Live Music

Several times a week, we open up our home for musicians from all around to come play and support one another.

Writer's Roundtable

Come join other creative writers to listen and share your own work. Great opportunity to connect and get feedback.

Weathered Man
Homeless Support

We offer a variety of resources to assist our homeless population; including: bathroom/shower facilities, counseling, food, clothing and connecting to shelter resources.

Art Shows

Every month we host an art show/installation for everyone in the community to enjoy. Weekly, come by and see new art from our talented artists in the area.

Open Mic Comedy

Think you have what it takes to be a comedian? Here is your chance! 

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